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Hello World 🤖


Hello, World! This site is brand-spankin-new, and is generated by markdown_site_generator, a slightly utilitarianly named tool. It uses showdown at its core, turning markdown into HTML. It also uses showdown-highlight for syntax highlighting. It uses CSS from this repo, as well.

In addition to gluing all of these things together, there are some custom things you can do. For instance, all the post titles and dates are using custom tags to have special styling, like this.

## [Hello World :robot:](<​!this_page!>) {post}
###### 05/23/22 {date}

This the {post} and {date} features are using showdown's option to give custom IDs to headers. Then, with css, we target that ID. There are several operators that use the <! style delimeters. The this_page operation inserts a link to this page, or this post. There is also the header operator, which inserts the header, the posts operator, which inserts all of the posts (think of the Index page!)

These custom operators let us combine a ton of features into a very basic set up. To make the website I just run the generate_site.py script after creating some markdown files.

Also, this site's markdown is hosted here! You can use those files with the markdown_site_generator to make this website!

All posts older than this one are from a previous incarnation of this website. I was a lot younger when I wrote them, so don't judge them too harshly!

Greenshot Replacement for Linux


So today I made a pretty cool script. If you use Windows, Greenshot is a must have screenshot program. But I’ve been seriously considering switching to Linux for my desktop, and one problem I thought of was how Greenshot was not available for Linux (they should really reconsider making a Linux port, they would really be at home being opensource and all.)

So I started looking up alternatives, and I found a great little program called Shutter. Unfortunately Shutter is Linux only, so sorry Windows users, you should stick to Greenshot. One of the great things about Greenshot, though, is the ‘External command’ thing. It allows you to make your own program or batch script and make Greenshot send the image to it. I was using this to send the image to a batch file which would use WinSCP’s scripting features to upload it to my sever, and then paste the link into my clipboard. I would release that, but it’s really bad.

Unfortunately, Shutter has no External command feature. But it doesn’t need to! Linux makes up for it. Shutter does have a –output (-o) argument, which allows you to pick where it saves. So I took that, and made this!


## Credits to LordOfGears2 - wyattmarks.com

## This script was meant to replicate what I had on my Windows machine with Greenshot. This uses shutter, a program similar to greenshot.
## It requires: shutter and xsel (for pasting the link into your clipboard on finish)
## Problems: 
##    It may require you to type your password, but you should set up RSA keys


cd ${ROOT}
OUTPUT=$(date +%Y_%m_%d_%H:%M:%S.png)

shutter -e -n -s -o ${ROOT}${OUTPUT}


echo ${URL}${OUTPUT} | xsel -i -b

rm ${OUTPUT}

ROOT is where you are running the script. REMOTEDIR is where you are uploading the screenshot. URL is where the pic gets uploaded in URL format. REMOTEHOST is the server you are logging in on. REMOTEUSER is who you are logging in as on the REMOTEHOST.

This takes the pic, uploads it, and then puts it in your clipboard. Pretty sweet, huh? Does exactly what Greenshot used to do for me.

This requires xsel too, for putting the link in your clipboard. sudo apt-get install xsel

Now to make this automatically run when you press print screen like Greenshot, you need to follow these instructions, but instead of making the action 'shutter -blah -blah -blah' you need to make the action point to this script. For me, it was /home/lord/scripts/screenshot.sh.

It just depends what/where you save it. Thanks for reading!

Link Shortener


My site now has a link shortener! It’s pretty simple. It just stores the links ID in a MySQL database and uses PHP to refer that link’s id to the link.

Here’s the link! (Removed after site migration. Also not as cool in 2022, lol.)

Minecraft Color Picker


This is a color picker for Minecraft! In Minecraft, color codes are generated using a specific math formula. This does that for you! You can use it for custom leather armor colors, firework colors, etc.

If you want to know the formula for changing RGB color to Minecraft usable codes, it is blue + 256 * green + 65536 * red. Pretty simple, but hey, why do that work when this can do it for you?

Hex: R: G: B:

Minecraft Color Code:

RaspBMC on my Raspberry Pi


So. Raspberry Pi. They’re pretty cool, right?

That’s what I thought. And boy was I right! This thing has been so much fun to mess with. I made a simple reddit bot when I first got it, because I didn’t know what else to do. It’s /u/GoogleTranslateBot, but he’s currently down because I’m using my Raspberry Pi for other purposes. For a long while I didn’t know what to do with my Pi, but I thought a home theatre system sounded cool. I didn’t have anything in my living room to watch movies on anyways. I always had to bring my laptop in there to watch netflix, listen to music, or even play a mp4 video. I had no simple way to view my pictures with the rest of the family.

To be honest though, I never really minded bringing my laptop in. It wasn’t too hard. I only really care when I had to drag it out of my closet, cause that either meant it would have to be put back up, or just left out. I was in luck, because my raspberry pi was the perfect solution. This plan of action is a very popular one too, as there is RaspBMC, which is an OS dedicated to running XBMC (A home theatre software). There is also OpenELEC, which is also a OS for XBMC. I can’t say anything about OpenELEC though, as I never installed it.

Now, for the fun part. My setup. I have my Raspberry Pi mounted to the back of my TV, with power, Ethernet, and the audio cable all running through the stand which has openings for this very purpose. I was going to use my WiFi dongle originally, but I already had a Ethernet cable ran into the living room, not doing anything. I also got this remote. I got it on sale too, thanks to my friend John. Thanks John! It says compatible with all the Windows OS’s, but it also worked on my Raspberry Pi without me having to do any tinkering. It was pretty nice to have something work right on the first try. I also have my audio output hooked up through a standard 7.5mm jack from the Pi to surround sound in my living room. I can switch to the TV audio too, you can find the option under System->System->Audio Output (I think, just going by memory.)

I use the Pandora addon a lot, because before I could only use my phone as a music player. Now I can play music and play on my phone! The torrent addon XBMCTorrent wouldn’t show up in the official listing, so I just compiled the code from Steve’s GitHub and installed it. The addon is pretty neat. It’s similar to the headline making Popcorn Time App. Popcorn Time is slightly more polished looking, and they run their selection of torrents from their own servers (that they get from YIFY).

All in all, I think the Raspberry Pi is berry (See what I did there?) cool. I would definitely recommend getting one, even to just screw around with!

The Lua IRC Bot


IRC. Been a while since you heard that one, eh? IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is what people usually mean when they refer to chatrooms. Most people feel IRC has been dead for years. It is still used, but nowhere near as popular as it was in the early 2000′s.

Although, twitch.tv uses IRC for all their chat rooms. Honestly, I’d use it so much more if people would make it make a come-back! I used to boot up my client, join my favorite channels, and just chat away. I won’t lie, I even at one point set up a DDoS botnet using IRC. It was really interesting, it would connect the bot’s computer to the IRC channel, then you could issue it commands via IRC. Anyways, IRC is very cool.

There are lots and lots of bots for IRC. That’s how the /r/twitchplayspokemon thing worked. It was just a simple IRC bot taking input and pressing buttons for the game. There are also all the bots for moderation on twitch. Anyways, once upon a time, I made an IRC bot. It didn’t do much, simple commands really. It was quite fun to make though. Here is the download.

How to use:

Start the ircbot.lua with lua, I used 5.1.4 to develop it.
It will generate the config.txt file, edit that.
Start the bot again, this time it should connect to the server in your config.
You can add more commands easily, just read the code for more!
Also, !die is hidden from the !help command, and the !auth was never finished.

Paddle Ball Extreme


This here’s a mobile device game. It was made in Unity!

The objective is to keep the ball falling below your paddle. It’s a very simple game. It’s only on android at the moment, because I don’t want to pay the $25 to become a Google Developer. The game has a very retro feel, with simple colors. It’s very fun to just play and try to beat your previous record.

I had a lot of fun making this. Unity was such a change from the old nothing but code. Unity has its pros, but it also has it’s cons. I couldn’t find an easy way to make a gui/menu. What I ended up doing was just making 2D Planes with text painted on them, in the 3D environment. Good luck!


PS: My high score on easy is 4300. Beat that!

Lua Prettifier


This tool is a pretty printer for lua! It is very straightforward, if you have any knowledge of a computer you should be fine. I made this because I was put in the task of taking over a project started by someone else. Now, normally this isn’t a problem. But these people, I’m telling you, they do not know how to format anything! There were newlines where there didn’t need to be, code was horribly tabbed, even simple if then statements were the definition of ugly!

Anyways, here is the download link. The README:

IF YOU DID NOT DOWNLOAD THIS FROM WYATTMARKS.COM THEN DON'T USE IT! Official release at http://wyattmarks.com

This is a tool made by Wyatt Marks. It relies heavily on HW2 Pretty Printer. 
The homepage for HW2 is no longer available, so I'll link to where I downloaded it - 


Put the files from this in a folder. Remember where you put them, it will ask you for the locations upon runtime!
Place all the lua files that you want to be prettied in a folder. They can be in folders upon folders, the program will be fine.
And that's it!

Email any questions you may have to inbox@wyattmarks.com!

The source code is available here.

Thanks for using this! It was definitely a fun little project.