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Writing ✏️


Writing is hard. I tell myself that I don't know why it's hard. But that's false. I know that it is hard because I have too-high self expectations. I'm not sure if "self expectations" is the right phrase, either. I worry that my reader(s) will not understand the why of my words. The onus to understand is not on my potential readers, though. That is what makes it hard for me to write - I am worried that I will fail my audience by not conveying what I feel accurately enough.

I spend a lot of my day reading the blogs or articles of other humans. Mostly other humans' thoughts on various technologies or their philosophies relating to them. It's something that I didn't used to do, or really see myself doing.

But spending so much of my time reading the ideas of others makes me feel an urge to share my own thoughts and opinions on the same topics, or others. If I start to force myself to write and share my thoughts I hope I will start to take more action on them. I need to realize that the goal of my writing isn't to impress others or anything like that. It's to get myself thinking, more than I do currently.

Most of my musings will probably be more technical, and less philosophical. Maybe not, though. We'll see. Or hopefully we will. I think it would be a useful practice.