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The Lua IRC Bot


IRC. Been a while since you heard that one, eh? IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is what people usually mean when they refer to chatrooms. Most people feel IRC has been dead for years. It is still used, but nowhere near as popular as it was in the early 2000′s.

Although, twitch.tv uses IRC for all their chat rooms. Honestly, I’d use it so much more if people would make it make a come-back! I used to boot up my client, join my favorite channels, and just chat away. I won’t lie, I even at one point set up a DDoS botnet using IRC. It was really interesting, it would connect the bot’s computer to the IRC channel, then you could issue it commands via IRC. Anyways, IRC is very cool.

There are lots and lots of bots for IRC. That’s how the /r/twitchplayspokemon thing worked. It was just a simple IRC bot taking input and pressing buttons for the game. There are also all the bots for moderation on twitch. Anyways, once upon a time, I made an IRC bot. It didn’t do much, simple commands really. It was quite fun to make though. Here is the download.

How to use:

Start the ircbot.lua with lua, I used 5.1.4 to develop it.
It will generate the config.txt file, edit that.
Start the bot again, this time it should connect to the server in your config.
You can add more commands easily, just read the code for more!
Also, !die is hidden from the !help command, and the !auth was never finished.