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Lua Prettifier


This tool is a pretty printer for lua! It is very straightforward, if you have any knowledge of a computer you should be fine. I made this because I was put in the task of taking over a project started by someone else. Now, normally this isn’t a problem. But these people, I’m telling you, they do not know how to format anything! There were newlines where there didn’t need to be, code was horribly tabbed, even simple if then statements were the definition of ugly!

Anyways, here is the download link. The README:

IF YOU DID NOT DOWNLOAD THIS FROM WYATTMARKS.COM THEN DON'T USE IT! Official release at http://wyattmarks.com

This is a tool made by Wyatt Marks. It relies heavily on HW2 Pretty Printer. 
The homepage for HW2 is no longer available, so I'll link to where I downloaded it - 


Put the files from this in a folder. Remember where you put them, it will ask you for the locations upon runtime!
Place all the lua files that you want to be prettied in a folder. They can be in folders upon folders, the program will be fine.
And that's it!

Email any questions you may have to inbox@wyattmarks.com!

The source code is available here.

Thanks for using this! It was definitely a fun little project.