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Hello World 🤖


Hello, World! This site is brand-spankin-new, and is generated by markdown_site_generator, a slightly utilitarianly named tool. It uses showdown at its core, turning markdown into HTML. It also uses showdown-highlight for syntax highlighting. It uses CSS from this repo, as well.

In addition to gluing all of these things together, there are some custom things you can do. For instance, all the post titles and dates are using custom tags to have special styling, like this.

## [Hello World :robot:](<​!this_page!>) {post}
###### 05/23/22 {date}

This the {post} and {date} features are using showdown's option to give custom IDs to headers. Then, with css, we target that ID. There are several operators that use the <! style delimeters. The this_page operation inserts a link to this page, or this post. There is also the header operator, which inserts the header, the posts operator, which inserts all of the posts (think of the Index page!)

These custom operators let us combine a ton of features into a very basic set up. To make the website I just run the generate_site.py script after creating some markdown files.

Also, this site's markdown is hosted here! You can use those files with the markdown_site_generator to make this website!

All posts older than this one are from a previous incarnation of this website. I was a lot younger when I wrote them, so don't judge them too harshly!