Dear Shreya

Dear Shreya,

I love you. I honestly think that I start every letter with those 3 words. I know it’s definitely my 3 favorite words to tell you. My phone’s word suggestion has 3 phrases or words that it suggests you type, even if you don’t have anything typed yet. I haven’t mentioned this to you yet, but my first suggestion is “I” and my second is “I love.” If I type an I, it suggests “love”, “love you”, and “love you too.” It makes me smile sometimes that my phone knows that the most important thing for me to say is that I love my Princess. Some people would also think that I say it so much it loses its true meaning. I know it most definitely does not to me, and I hope it does not to you either. I honestly only tell a few people that I love them, and even for them it’s not frequent. I tell my mom I love her when I say bye to her, I tell my dad I love him probably once every week or so, and way less for everyone else. You are so so so amazing, and I am so very grateful to have such a perfect girlfriend. I know that I’m not the best at conveying to you exactly how I feel or making sure you know that I love you more than life, and I’m sorry. I want you to know that you are my pride and joy and I honestly could not be happier with you. I’m so so excited to pick you up from Cali tomorrow night! I miss your hugs and kisses and cuddles and smiles and omg I miss everything. I want you to know that when I see you I am instantly 10x happier. I want you to know that when I hear your voice I feel either two ways: I’ll feel excited and happy and ready to run to see you or I’ll feel relieved to finally see you and just want you to come cuddle with me. Oh. And I guess sometimes I feel another way. When I hear your voice and it’s going “BOO!” I feel kinda surprised and scared. But that’s alright because .2 seconds later I am happy to see you and also angry you scared me (but mostly the former.) When I feel you next to me, I am soothed. I feel like I can just relax and be calm and be next to the most wonderful person in the world. I’m pretty sure that when we first started sleeping together there were a few times I woke up and didn’t know who was in my bed and I kinda was freaked out. Kinda like when you wake up sometimes and you aren’t where you thought you were.

Anyways, sorry love. I could ramble forever.

Wyatt <3